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Sunday, September 3, 2017

Nike Law Enforcement Appreciation Day 2018

Have you heard about nike law enforcement appreciation day 2018? This event was started on 13th may 2018 and aims for all officers of law enforcement all over the country. They were able to get discount 30% off of their purchases at all Nike’s retail stores. Let’s get to know more how this sale works and how the public reacts!
Nike Law Enforcement Appreciation Day 2017

Who are eligible for this sale at Nike Law Enforcement Appreciation Day 2018?

Not all people could take part in this celebration of honoring the people who are sworn to serve and protect their people though. Those who are eligible for this sale will get 30% off at converse and Nike stores by showing their badge or ID card. Based on the flyer circulates on social media, This sale was available during the national police week.

Public’s response for Nike Law Enforcement Appreciation Day 2018

Actually, there was nothing new about Nike offers discounts to law enforcement and military. However, not all people like this celebration and even annoyed by this celebration. Twitter, on the other hand, backlash erupted with the sale timing shortly after high profile numbers of unarmed citizen killings by police. Other people also brought up the number of people killed by the hands of police up to this time in this year. Probably it is new for the whole American history where police violence against black people is being more debated, analyzed and discussed on all over magazines, networks and newspaper, even in the dinner tables. Moreover, By the existence of social media nowadays, this extremely important national conversation about race and law enforcement have attracted and involved more participants than it did over 40 years ago. Even public figures also involved shouting out their opinions including davon magwood shouted and protested towards the policies are killing nike’s target demographic. In addition, an activist namely DeRay McKesson also posted discount flyer and shouted on twitter that in 2015, polices have killed around 420 people. The protests on twitter even innolved #boycottnike hashtag which later became viral and trending topic along with some invitations for ambassador Nike’s athletes to take stand on the issue. There is also a twitter user requested if Nike would also give discount 30% off to the unjust police violence victims.

Responding to this issue, Nike’s social media accounts choose to stay silence about the criticism. However, a call made to confirm about nike law enforcement appreciation day 2018, And it is confirmed that Nike holds the sale celebration offers the police officers with 30% off of their purchases. law enforcement appreciation day at nike national 2014 2015 december 2016 2017 discount may 13 november online outlet when is

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