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Saturday, June 3, 2017

Tips to Get Letter of Recommendations for Law Schools

 Letter of recommendations are the important requirement that influent students’ prospect of being admitted into the law schools. Most letter of recommendations for law school are too generic. These kind of letter don’t advertise the candidate’s strong points. This can lessen the candidate’s value in front of the admission panels. Therefore, it is strongly advised for each student who want to enter the law school to know how to get good letter of recommendation.

Meet the letter writer

It is not enough to just ask your professor to write you recommendation letter. It is strongly advised to meet your professors or the letter writers personally, so that they can see what your strong points are. By meeting them personally, you also can explain what your expectations to be written on the letter. Prepare your reason why you want to go to the law schools, and why you choose the particular law school. Bring also your transcripts, resume, and personal statement, so that the letter writers know your achievements.

Quantity is not matter

Students often think that the more letter of recommendations they submit, the bigger chance they will have. When in fact, the admission panels prefer the quality of letter of recommendation than the quantity. It is much better to send letter of recommendations for law school which really advertise your strong points even if they are only a couple of letters, than send too many letter of recommendations with less favorable contents.

Build relationship with professor

Letter of recommendation from professors or teachers are more appreciated than from your friends or colleagues. Building relationship with potential references will help you to get recommendation letter much easier.

Ask earlier

Find out when the law school set the closing date to submit the application, then pick a date when you are going to submit the application. If you send your application via mail, it will take times to reach the destination, and more times for the Admission Council processing your applications. So, ask your letter of recommendation to avoid the rush.

Pick the right references

You need references who can vouch for you, so that the admission panels will consider to admit you as law school student. Perhaps you have few references who can give you letter of recommendations for law school. Select the right ones who can write your specific qualities, so that their letter will reflect that they support you genuinely.

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