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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

NJ Power of Attorney Requirements You Need to Complete

Before using a power of attorney in New Jersey, it is better for you to learn more about nj power of attorney requirements. In fact, there are several steps you need to do to get the power of attorney. Later, you can use the power of attorney as the standard or guideline to act especially if you are an agent. Here are the requirements you need to complete.

Complete the New Jersey Power of Attorney Form

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The first thing to do is getting a New Jersey power of attorney blank form. This form can be taken from your attorney, legal aid office, or legal websites. You just need to complete the form and then download the complete form. Now, you just need to print the form. Just make sure that the form is completed based on your latest condition. Double check the form before downloading and printing it.

Complete the Information about Your Principal

does a new jersey power of attorney have to be witnessed

One of nj power attorney requirements to complete is that you need to have a principal. Because of that, it is important for you to know the personal identity of your principal. The personal information about your principal is useful when you want to take a power of attorney. In this case, you should write down the name and the address of your principal. This is including writing down your own name and address.

Inform about the Power of Your Principal

One more thing you need to fill if you want to take a power of attorney in New Jersey is informing about the specific power of your principal. In specific, it is about the action which can be done by your principal. Let say, you are allowed your principal to manage your financial transaction, real estate agreement, business activity, and many more.

Inform about the Authority of Your Principal

Don’t forget to explain about the authority of your principal while taking the power of attorney. It is important to explain it clearly so your principal knows what they have to do and they don’t break the limit.  

Submit the Form

By the time you complete the form, you may bring it to a notary public. Don’t forget to ask your principal to sign the form. Your identity and the identity of your principal will be identified here.

Get Your Power of Attorney

When the form is approved, you can get your power of attorney. What you have to do is bringing the power of attorney to the clerk. Let the clerk enter your form into the public record. You should certify it with a date, signature, and court seal.

When the steps above are done, it means you are completing all the nj power of attorney requirements. As the result, you will get the power of attorney through your principal. You can use the power based on the guideline and standard based on your purpose.

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