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Monday, June 5, 2017

NJ Attorney General Guidelines

nj attorney general guidelines is a guideline designed for law enforcement officers. It is also designed to maintain the consistency especially if there is a case to handle. Law enforcement community is also used these guidelines and it is a kind of policy for the community. These general guidelines cover several categories. Let’s talk a little bit about the NJ attorney general guidelines and its categories.

The Creators of NJ Attorney General Guidelines

Before talking about the categories, you also need to know who are the creator of nj attorney general guidelines. Actually, these guidelines are created by several institutions. Let say, in New Jersey the attorney general guidelines are created by the governor, the attorney general, the director of the division of criminal justice, and the county prosecutor’s association of New Jersey. The guideline consists of several categories. Those are including arrestee’s dependent, bias incident, crime victims’ rights, domestic violence, and many more.

The Example of NJ Attorney General Guidelines

new jersey attorney general office directory

Now, let’s talk about NJ attorney general guidelines based on its category. The first example is arrestee’s dependent. This guideline category has been updated in 1993. It becomes the alternative care for arrestee’s dependent. It includes the model policy for arrestee’s dependent. There is also a case that law enforcement officers need to handle bias incidents. It will be hard to find the solution if there is no guideline. NJ attorney general guidelines are also about bias incidents. This guideline has been updated in 2000. This guideline is a kind of standard if the law enforcement officers need to investigate bias incidents. As the result, they got clear result and final decision. How about if you are the victim of specific crimes? Definitely, you have right to defend yourself and get your right based on the NJ law. The rights you will get as a victim can be seen on the NJ attorney general guidelines. This guideline has been updated on April 1993. It explains to you about the standard to ensure the right of crime’s victim. It is the same case if you have a problem with domestic violence. You can get your right and to know the standard, you can learn it on the guideline. This guideline control several things related to domestic violence. For example, it manages the protection in domestic violence cases, controls the police response procedure in domestic violence cases, and related to the weapon which involved in domestic violence. It is only the example of nj attorney general guidelines and you should learn the complete explanation before defending your rights as the citizen of New Jersey.    

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