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Monday, June 5, 2017

Megan’s Law California Gov Mandate Regarding Registered S3x Offenders

Megan’s Law California Gov mandate is the federal law that should be carried out by all law enforcement authorities. They should notify and provide information about registered s3x offenders to the public. It is also mandatory for law enforcement authority to tell public if there is registered s3x offender posing to be a threat for public safety. Therefore, public can do something to protect their family and neighborhood.

Megan’s Law California Goverment

Megan’s Law was established after the tragic incident that happened to seven-years-old girl, Megan Kanka. Megan was raped and murdered by high-profile child s3x offender who moved across the street from Kanka’s house. At that time, the family had no clue that person living across them is the known s3x offenders. After the incident, Kankas made an appeal for all law enforcement authorities to notify community about s3x offender registrants. They made an argument that Megan would have been alive if they had known that their neighbor was a s3x offender. They could do extra protection measure for Megan. Nowadays, Megan’s Law California Gov is not solely applied in the state of California, but also in all state of United States.

In February, 2016, President Obama signed the International Megan’s Law. The law gives mandate for law enforcement authorities to notify foreign governments that there is an American citizen who is registered as s3x offenders will be coming to their country. The mandate is only applied for the registered s3x offender who has history of s3xual offense to a minor.

The California Government has created a website to display any information about s3x offenders. The website is called the California s3x and Arson Registry (CSAR). The database in CSAR is provided by the local enforcement authorities as well as the offenders. It also display information about s3x offenders who have violated the registration requirement. Public are asked to participate giving information to law enforcement authorities if they know about the offenders who violated the registration. The website is www.meganslaw.ca.gov

s3x offenders who are considered to not have intention repeating their action won’t be displayed in website. The s3x offenders will be registered for life. They can ask their registration period to be reduced or eliminated but they must receive a governor pardon. The reduction of registration period will not be less than 10 years from the initial publication dates. Megan’s Law California Gov law makes community to be aware to their neighbor, and to always protect their family.
The California Government

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