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Thursday, May 25, 2017

What You Should Know About Transgender Bathroom Law Pros and Cons

Transgender bathroom law pros and cons might be another big talk today, many people discuss it seriously and join two sides of it : being agree and positive about it when the others feel disagree and against it. In America, although this is considered as one of the biggest nation of all, but surprisingly this transgender bathroom law issue still becoming something hardly to accept or decline. Of course we want to know more about the description of this transgender bathroom law and how to respond it wisefully.

Pro and Cons About Transgender Bathroom Law

suit Transgender Bathroom Law Pros and Cons

Pros : Although it seems so simple, but transgender bathroom law can be seen as a symbol of acceptance in America that transgender can have their own public restrooms, also means in society, they have role as important as women and men. Public service such as restrooms for men and women defines recognition by the country and the people, which is bathrooms for transgender is definitely another big move to let them in public society. In a world when LGBT still becoming a sensitive issue in many countries, America can start to give a great example about how they respond about it wisefully.

Cons : Some people still think transgender has same definition with sexual predators and scared that transgender bathroom law issue will be a bridge for their paranoia of being attacked by them. Another con is also about transgender people are mentally ill and dangerous, they shouldn’t be protected and treated as equal as women and men.

It’s true a very wrong social stigma but unfortunately, many people still have these thoughts to against the transgender bathroom law issue.

How We Respond To This Transgender Bathroom Law Issue

model all gender Bathroom Law Pros and Cons
Now, how we should respons this? As a part of society, we should think both pros and cons opinions. Why people think transgender is dangerous and has mental illness? Is it a generalization or just a small opinion without clarity? Also thinking about how healthcare and public services should be an equal places for many people, that includes transgender should be treated nicely there.

So, overall, it is a big hard issue, a great discussion for many people so they can open up their mind and think more about rights of minority, equality and accepting the others although they come from different races, classes or even gender choices. We totally hope there will come the best yet fair decision about the transgender bathroom law pros and cons.

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