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Friday, May 26, 2017

Verizon Class Action Law Suit; Customers vs Phone Provider

            In 2014, Verizon received a class action law suit from its customers who were subscribed FamilySharePlan for four years between May 11, 2002 and May 10, 2006. This Verizon class action law suit claimed that Verizon had charged customers for “In-Network” calls which were supposed to be free under the subscribe plan, and Verizon had charged them for 45 cents per minute for “after-allowance” calls which were supposed 25 cents per minute which was written in its advertisement. This meant Verizon had violated the customers’ contracts as well as the state and federal laws.

Verizon Class Action Law Suit

verizon lawsuit case 2017

            In this class action law suit, customers whose legal rights have been affected by Verizon action were included in the Settlement which would be brought to the Court by Class Representatives. In this case, people who acted as Class Representatives were Ralph Demmick and Donald Barth. Customers who were included in the Settlement were called Settlement Class Members. They would be notified by mail or e-mail telling them that they were included in Settlement Class Members. Customers were allowed to exclude from Settlement Class Members, but they would lose the payment, bill credit and calling minutes when the Settlement was final.
class action lawsuit against verizon fios
             In 2015, the Verizon class action law suit settlement had been approved by the District Court. Verizon would pay $36.7 million to the Settlement Class Members after deducting it for paying the administration cost, the attorney’s fees and expenses, and the Plaintiffs or Class Representatives. The payment would be in the form of bill credit or cash. Verizon Wireless also would give free In-Network calls for the Settlement Class Member which valued 275 million calling unit or $27.5 million. To use this In-Network calls, the Settlement Class Member should utilize Personal Identification Numbers (PINs) which were issued later on December 27, 2016. PINs would be sent to the Settlement Class Members by mail or e-mail. The PINs could be used for domestic and international calls from the landline phones or cell phones. These PINs only last for about two years and will expire on January 27, 2019.
verizon 4G lte access data

            By including in this Settlement, a customer should give up his right to sue Verizon for the similar claim but in different lawsuit. The Settlement were resolved in August 2016. Bill credit would be applied to Settlement Class Members who were still the customers of Verizon wireless in January 2017, while other Class Members who moved to other providers would be given checks in February 2017. This concludes Verizon class action law suit by FamilySharePlan subscribers.

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