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Friday, May 12, 2017

VA Reckless Driving Lawyer Cost

VA reckless driving lawyer cost is surprisingly one of the most asked questions in the context of legal matter. While this question may indicate the staggering number of irresponsible drivers, here in this article we are going to highlight the legal matter instead of focusing on bringing awareness as to how important it is for drivers to drive properly and safely. However, by understanding the repercussions and the fee that you may have to pay as a result of your recklessness, we hope it will indirectly raise your awareness on how important it is to mind your driving etiquette and obeying the law all at the same time.

All you need to know about reckless driving in Virginia

reckless driving in Virginia lawyer cost

As it is defined in the Code of Virginia, a reckless driving is not considered as a moving violation. Yes, it may come off as a surprise considering that reckless driving is a type of traffic infraction and thus often regulated under the aforementioned violation. However, in Virginia, reckless driving is considered as a criminal offense as it can be seen in the Section 46.2-852 of Code of Virginia. In which the section outlines the fact that any individual who drives a vehicle at a speed on any highway in the State of Virginia is guilty of reckless driving. The section also goes into specific with the following passage, in which “at a speed” is not the only category of offense considered as reckless driving, but also any driving manner in which the driver in question intentionally or unintentionally endanger the property, limb, or life of other person.

The following subsequent sections of the Code also outlines list of actions which may be constituted as reckless driving, although it is worth noting that the reckless driving category your offense falls under is ultimately determined by the police officer who stops your car at the time of offense.

List of behaviors which are considered as reckless driving

List of cost lawyer reckless driving

In the state of Virginia, the police officer who stops your car may arrest you right away should the find the following behaviors during the the time of offense:

  • Driving a vehicle that is overload to an extent that the load obstructs your control and view.

  • Speeding more than 20mph of the posted speed limit, or regardless of the posted speed limit if you are found to drive faster than 80mph.

  • Endangering a property or pedestrians in public

  • Illegally passing when you’re approaching a roadway’s curve, at highway-intersection, a stop of school-bus, and many more.

  • Racing.

  • Driving right next to another vehicle when driving on a one-lane roadway.

Regardless of the offense, due to the serious repercussion it’s advised that you hire a lawyer. Lawyers may charge a minimum $500 and typically ranging between $800 to $1,500 to represent you in the court, but they are more effective at handling the case and can help you review the case, consult, and significantly cut down your fine and sentence which is a better solution for the VA reckless driving lawyer cost.

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