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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The Difference between Legal Assistant Versus Paralegal Assistant

Legal assistant versus paralegal is not the term that refers to fighting stuff. But paralegal and legal assistant already used over the years and of course with the good reasons. Both are the terms that refer to legal professional that performs similar duties and almost same responsibilities in the law firm. They are also referred to the same context when the legal decisions are handed by the courts.

Basically, the rules of the court do not make both professions different. Besides, the associations of bar rarely differentiate the roles of them when setting up the practice rules. It is important to know that legal assistant and paralegal assistant share similar duties but you should not be confused them with the legal secretaries. They are not sharing the same duties as well as responsibilities.

What is Paralegal Assistant?

legal assistant versus paralegal

Paralegal Assistant is a person that performs the substantive legal works with supervision and guidance of the attorney but they are already qualified based on the education, training, and work. Legal Assistant also performs the similar work but the NALA or National Association of Legal Assistant put the distinction between both professionals. A person should be certified as paralegal before officially called as Paralegal Assistant.

The both terms are still being used worldwide but sometimes people interchangeable it in the legal industry. Based on the trend in the legal industry right now, the term of paralegal is used for certified employees.

Duties of Legal Assistant versus Paralegal Assistant

Duties of Legal Assistant versus Paralegal Assistant

Both professions perform so many tasks like the attorney should have to do of personally if they did not hire the professionals. They also legally do research and pleading of draft, leases, contracts, and documents of legal as well as courts. Legal and Paralegal Assistant would also help in preparing the trial. Besides, they can also assist the clients by answering any question from them.

But, they cannot give any advice in legal term or guide clients through the certain action course or other same things. Other than that, they cannot also sign the document or pleading because it should be reviewed and then signed by the attorney.

Both legal and paralegal assistants are paid hourly. The price should be lower than the lawyer. They also do not take the salary directly but the firm will typically pay the set salaries like the other employees. So, this is the end of Legal Assistant versus Paralegal.

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