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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Security Tips from the Ex-Secret Agent Service

Lancer and Lance were the secret service code names for which first couple? Well, they are the name for John F. Kennedy and the first lady, Jacqueline Kennedy. In the United States, there are the secret service agents that work for protecting the President, first lady, and the main family as well as the locations. Each president has different code name for sure and the names are supposed to be the security purpose matter. But the names are not chosen by the Secret Service though. The code names should be unambiguous and easily understood when they heard the name in the transmitter.
Well, the code names are changed from time to time due to the security matter. But often, the public know about the names. Still for security purposes, the code names are generally got from the “good words” list but they avoid in using the common words, however.

Do not be the main attention

lancer and lace were the secret service code names for which first couple

Most of Secret Service agents use their suits when on duty. Of course it is a must but it is important to not being the main attention. You are supposed to be the agent of Secret Service for high-profile person. So, if you have to travel with important people that use big sophisticated jet plane in a dangerous country but the airport and police forces are poor, you should know that it would be huge attention for the jet. You better land the jet in the night or evening when no one would notice. And then you can use taxi to inform the man on duty in the destination country who is coming or going. When the important people and family would use fancy car, you should let them use minivan to avoid too much attention.

Make the enemy confused

Security Tips from the Ex-Secret Agent Service

You should remember that you work in the dangerous field. People who show up a lot in public, magazines, newspaper, internet, and many more could be in the dangerous position, especially if you are the secret service agent for the fifth richest man in the world. The kidnappers will hunt your boy or even learn anything about him in the prison though. Of course you cannot change the home address of your man but no one said you cannot add more than one address. Besides, you can always feed false information out there. So, Lancer and Lace were the secret service code names or which first couple?

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