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Saturday, May 13, 2017

My Lawyer Is Taking Too Long

Why my lawyer is taking too long? You perhaps often hear this phrase when someone is in the process of filing lawsuit. Well, this is a common complaint among the clients who use lawyers’ service. It may be common but it actually not a thing to be tolerated by you as the clients. In other words, you deserve to get good and professional lawyer who takes care of your lawsuit as quick as possible. Having to work with lawyer that takes too long to handle your case means wasting more of your money and time. And, it also becomes constant source of stress. If you think you face this problem, you may want to know the reasons behind why the lawyers’ work progress is very slow. Read on the complete information below.

Legal Procedure-related Reasons

My Lawyer Is Taking Too Long

Let’s start by thinking positive to respond to the fact that it takes too long to make progress with your case. Well, in some cases, the reasons are actually procedures-related. So it is neither party mistake. It is something beyond control. Let’s be clear. The process to file a case for instance, can take several months to serve it on other party. In most jurisdictions, it takes around 120 days. Afterward, the other side is given a few weeks to prepare their responds to the filed case. Usually, 20 days are given. So, this process itself takes around 5 months total and yet the case hasn’t progressed further.

And, this time length can be extended in case where the defendant decides to file motion and not pleading. This refers to motion to dismiss or to definite statement. The extended time is given to allow ruling, amendment and hearing. The fact shows that it is very common for pleading stage to take around 6 months and even longer.

Most people choose to wait on the discovery after everything related to the issues is laid out in pleading. Usually, the discovery has 30 days of respond time. It means that when one of the parties send request for production, there is 30 days for another party to submit response. Apparently, the discovery is actually the process that consumes most time of most cases. In fact, it can even last for a few years if the cases were very complex. Meanwhile, it usually takes a few months in best cases.

Hire Best Lawyers

lawyer taking more time

With these complex facts regarding the actual length of lawsuit, it is only normal when you think of why your case is taking too long to be processed by your lawyer. Well, this is exactly the reason why you should consider hiring the best lawyer to fasten your lawsuit process. Such lawyer knows certain tricks to get your lawsuit processed faster without having to break the law. But if you cannot afford such lawyer, you should be patient to wait for the whole process to be completed. Yet, you should be active asking your lawyers about why my lawyer is taking too long. It is important because some incompetent lawyers basically are just too slow to make any progress. attorney review taking too long divorce lawyer to settle my is

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