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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Mid America Boston Terrier Rescue, a Nonprofit Organization for Homeless Boston Terriers

There are many stray dogs on the streets that need our help. Instead of buying a puppy from dog breeder, it is strongly advised to adopt a puppy or a dog from local animal shelter or pet rescue group. One of pet rescue organizations that you might want to look at is Mid American Boston Terrier Rescue Inc. It is a nonprofit organization that rescue homeless, neglected, mistreated, or terminally-ill puppies and dogs, and try to find safe home for them through an adoption program.

From its name, it is shown that this organization focuses on rescuing Boston Terriers and Boston mixes. It doesn’t matter if the dog is old, or it has illness. This organization will still rescue it and find a way to get a safe home for the dog.

Mid American Boston Terrier Rescue Inc. was established in November 2006 by Jennifer Misfeldt. Because of her love to dogs especially Boston Terriers, she built this organization with her family, friends, and volunteers as her biggest supporters. Jennifer and other volunteers are never paid for their work in the organization. They just love and be happy working with dogs.

Mid America Boston Terrier Rescue

Mid America Boston Terrier Rescue
MidAmerica Boston Terrier Rescue is headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska. It has been spread across Midwest and currently it has served several states such as Kansas, Arkansas, Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota, Wyoming, Colorado, Montana, Idaho, Utah, North Dakota, and South Dakota.

Each dog which rescued by MidAmerica Boston Terrier Rescue will be treated in foster care until someone coming to adopt it. Before dog is given to be adopted, the organization will bring the dog to vet to get complete medical care and treatment if it has any diseases. The dog will also be neutered if it has reached 6 years of age or older. For those who want to adopt a dog from this organization, they can fill adoption application that is available in Adopt a Boston website.

This organization has great program called Golden Paws for Golden Years. The target is 60-years old senior citizens or older to adopt adult dogs which are 7 years of age or older. Therefore, the senior citizens will have a loyal friend, and the dogs will have someone that can love and take care of them. Mid American Boston Terrier Rescue Inc. is a great organization that needs our help and support to care poor Boston Terriers and Boston mixes. Your donation and your willingness to adopt Bostons will be very appreciated.

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