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Friday, May 12, 2017

How to Get Your Money Back from a Lawyer

It may come off as a surprise that “how much should we spend on legal services?” is not the most asked question when it comes to legal fees, rather “how to get your money back from a lawyer?” This indicates that for some reasons, at one point a client feels like they must fire their lawyer or find another lawyer which makes them think they are entitled for a refund of the unearned fees. If you are one of those people who are currently facing the dilemma and not knowing which step you have to take in order to getting your money back, keep reading as this article aims to provide information on how to get a refund from your lawyer.

Refunds and billing disputes are more common than you think

How to Get Your Money Back from a Lawyer
Regardless of what case you may have, when you decide on hiring a lawyer to help you with the case, it’s worth keeping in mind that the relationship you have with your lawyer does not exactly mimic those of employer and employee relationships. Your lawyer does not have the obligation to shortchange other clients they may have in order to take any responsibility which falls outside the scope of your case, the only obligation they have is to represent your case. Some lawyers are able to fulfill the task without problems, while others are often unable to do so because of their other responsibilities or for other reasons – when this happens, your legal right to sever ties with your lawyer may very well be exercised.

Some clients often feel intimidated because they feel like going against their own lawyers is a foolish decision to make, this is due to their belief that their lawyers have more knowledge on legal matters than them. But if you feel like you are not getting the service you deserve, don’t feel intimidated as billing disputes are a common occurrence.

How do you properly fire your lawyer and get a refund?

How do you properly fire your lawyer and get a refund?

Should you ever choose to sever the relationship you have with your lawyer, do not waste your time and let it drag on until the case they represent reaches a conclusion! Simply do the following important steps to ensure you are getting the refund:

  • Initiate the firing process

One of the best ways to prevent a potential backlash from making such decision is by sending them a notarized letter. You may start initiating the process of firing your lawyer by outlining the reasons as to why you have decided to fire them and ask the repayment of your retainer’s unused portion.

  • Inform the repercussion in the letter

If by the specified period of time your lawyer has not repaid the unused portion, send another notarized letter outlining your previous reasons and the repercussion should your lawyer do not repay the funds within a few days. The repercussion may include reporting the firm to Better Busines Bureau and the lawyer to the Bar Association in your State. And that is how to get your money back from a lawyer! can u get your money back from a lawyer you an attorney getting how do to bad retainer

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