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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

How Much Do Secret Service Agents Make? To Be Sercet Service

What is like to be the Secret Service Agent? How much do secret service agents make? Well, in the 2013 their salary starts from 43,000 US dollars. As the time goes by, they can make money more than that. I heard that in the last year the secret service agent could make more than 100,000 US dollars. It is the interesting amount of money for sure. But, is it worth it? What is like to be one of the secret service agents? Due to that question we are going to discuss about life of secret service agent. It is not much but hopefully it can open your perspective of this job. Check this out.

The biggest misconception

 Secret Service Agents salary

Almost all people that heard the term agent of secret service will automatically think about men in suit with sunglasses and they guard the president wherever he goes. But actually it is not quite like that. That is just a minor job for secret service agent and not all agents have duty to do that. They should be discreet. Well, there are agents of secret service that on detail of protection with the president but there are more agents that not even on the detail of protection like at all. There are two primary missions given to them and we will explain it down below.

The protective missions

To Be Sercet Service

When the agent receives this mission, they encompass the protection of President and the fellows when they are visiting the candidates of heads of state, the major presidential, as well as the vice president. I have a friend that formerly worked as the secret service agent. The protection mission will extend to the Foreign Dignitaries, Congressmen, and many more.

The investigative missions

secret service agent salary

The duty will be much different from the previous one. They should entail the investigation along with variety enforcements of crimes. It includes the fraud of telecommunications and computers, violations of money laundering, fraud od access device, financial institution, and counterfeiting but their duty is not only limited to those things above.

For your information, most of secret service agents involved in the investigation missions. It is not rare if they work undercover too. And before an agent could get the protective mission, they should work in the investigation detail for at least two years. So, if someone wants to get into the protection mission detail, it is important to not pursue the family life outside the life as the secret service agent. Now you already know about how much do secret service agents make.

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