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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Fast Facts about Yale Law School Acceptance Rate

Yale Law School acceptance rate was 9.71% in the 2016 and it could be different in the other years. This university makes good lawyers through the years. In this article we are going to show you several facts about this university. So, if you want to apply in one of the most famous colleges in the world, you might be more proud of yourself. Keep reading this article to find interesting facts you need to know.

The admissions and faculty

Yale Law School Acceptance Rate

Yale Law School always ends the deadline of admissions application on February 28th. The tuition is about 54,000 US dollars and 75% of the students get the need-based financial aid from the school. YLS has interesting program for the student loan called loan forgiveness programs for the post-graduate. The school also gave more than 4 million US dollars to more than 400 graduates. In 2013, the acceptance rate was 9% along with 81% for the rate of enrollment.

There are more than 70 faculties for full-time school. There are also more than 50 fellows, affiliated and lecturers. The programs are also varied that you can find out more on the official website of Yale University. 25 clinics are available and 77% students take the clinics. The clinic starts on the spring in the first year.

The clinics at the Yale Law School will provide the incomparable experiences for students in representation of marginalized and poor for both individual and communities as well as many great developments of strategic for better and effective lawyering.

Lillian Goldman Law Library

Library Yale Law School

Yale Law School has a great library called Lillian Goldman Library. It has almost one million volumes of printed journal. The students can also access as unparalleled guest to the law databases in domestic, foreign, and international sources. There are also the special strengths of the collections. The interdisciplinary works are emphasizing on the social and law as well as sciences that have extensive resources on both online and printed resources. You can also find the rare and historical collection of law books in this library.

Alumni Law School

yale assosiation alumni law school

There are more than 13,000 alumni of Yale Law School that lead the law firms, public interest corporations, government, business, academics, and the judiciary in the United States and countries around the world. Since the acceptance rate is not as high as the other famous universities, you should prepare yourself to be the best candidate. So, this is the end of article for Yale Law School acceptance rate.

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