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Saturday, May 13, 2017

Civil Litigation Lawyer Salary

Having to choose to work as civil litigation lawyer or attorney is having a career that promises a pretty good salary. While it is true that the amount of civil litigation lawyer salary is varying, but the least annual salary is around $45.000. For living in the States, this salary is pretty good enough although it doesn’t promise a lot of things like being able to purchase a house within 5 to 10 years. But if the lawyer works at good and famous law firm, the salary can be much bigger as much as $200.000 per year. It means the salary can be 4 times bigger than the average. With this amount of salary, you may question what kind of work they actually do.
Items of Salary

In general, the salary consists of several items. They are the main salary, profit sharing, bonus and commissions. The amount of each item is varying depending on the lawyers’ expertise and the law firm they work for.

What Civil Litigation Lawyer Does


Basically, the civil litigation attorney provides service for anyone who considers filing lawsuit but he/she doesn’t know how to do it. This is when this lawyer’s service is needed to give the consultation. It is important to know the details about process of lawsuit because it can be quite complicated one. So, when a professional guidance from qualified lawyer is available, it will be a huge help during the process. To be exact, the attorney will take the person filing lawsuit to go through the process of filing and pursuing the lawsuit. And, the lawyer will also give advices on the best way to settle the case, should it involve court of not. Among the most common civil litigations are debt settlement, personal injury, discrimination and alimony.

How Much Civil Litigation Lawyer Cost

Civil Litigation Lawyer salary

Despite of the average salary, the person using the lawyer’s service usually pays the service per hour because that is how most lawyers charge their clients. But sometimes, the lawyers charge clients a contingency. It means that the lawyers do not require you to pay anything up front. Instead, they will ask for pre-established percentage when you have won the case. But the contingency system usually applies in a very strong case with higher percentage of winning. And for the percentage that the lawyers ask, it can be varying depending on the lawyer and where the clients live.

Once clients have hired civil litigation lawyer, they will have the lawyers be at every step during the lawsuit process. What lawyers will always do is to put their clients in better position in order to win the lawsuit. Thanks to their knowledge regarding legal procedures and local laws that the percentage of winning the case can be much bigger.

Most of the lawyers work in law firm so the clients can find lawyers by contacting the best law firm in their cities. In certain cases, the lawyers can particularly be employed by boutique firms. These are lawyers who specialize in taking care of certain litigation types including business litigation, patent litigation and employment litigation. They usually are paid with higher civil litigation lawyer salary.
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