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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Can an Ex President run for Vice President?

Can an ex-president run for vice president? It is still argued by several parties. But based on the 22nd Amendment states, a president that served for at least 6 years could not run as the vice president because they cannot be the acting president. Well, in 1980s the presidential of Republican hoped that Ronal Reagan would plan to make a move in American politics even though it was considered as unprecedented. But shortly after his declaration of being the president candidate, he cancelled the plan for the running friend, Gerald Ford. Ford was the president from 1974 until 1977.

A journalist, Walter Cronkite, asked Ford about the tendency of he and Reagan did like a “co-presidency”. At that time Ford answer it with non-denial response. Reagan was suddenly taken aback and Ford would make consideration about the arrangement to be the part of equal influence. After the idea came out and then George H. W. Bush became the vice president of Reagan.

Why does it become an issue?

what would happen if your vice president, who was formerly the president

Well, if that news had progressed then Reagan would have come into the Constitutional impasse, or closely. So, what would happen if your vice president, who was formerly the president, re-enter the presidency office if the commander-in-chief is unavailable? And is it possible to run this kind of move in constitutional way?

The Amendment

Amendment ex precident for vice president

Before the 22nd Amendment states, there was the 12th Amendment that directly stated that no one that eligible to the President office will be eligible to that United States’ Vice President. And then the 22nd Amendment states makes it clear that if a person shall not be eligible to enter the office of President if he or she served as a president more than twice. So, it means that a president that already served for two terms or 6 years would not be selected for the running mate of president election. Or could he? Well, some parties still argue about the possibility though.

Washington Post article in 2006 made the further question about the finding of three lawyers with the federal judge that agreed with Hillary Clinton put the eyes on the Oval Office. They said that the Constitution would not prevent the Hillary and Bill Clinton because there is no reason for that. However, others stated that the purpose of Amendment is to prevent anybody from taking the office for more than twice no matter how that person ended up in the office. You know the answer of “can an ex-president run for vice president?”

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