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Saturday, July 07, 2007

I think I realized how to explain what's wrong with most so-called "pro-capitalist" thinkers. They think they've figured out how the market works, and then they, performing the same act of hubris that "anti-capitalist" thinkers do, wish to engineer this mechanism themselves.
They want to second-guess the collective consciousness. But humanity as a whole, in its market order, even if most of the individuals in it were as stupid as you think they are, is way, way smarter than you (or any committee) could ever be. Because it has calculated (in the meta-mathematical sense) the revealed preferences of everyone.

You can't "fake" a cellular automaton convincingly. The closest way to do so is with a radial mirroring of a fractal outgrowth.

But that way, you only get something that looks like a cartoon of a market. (i.e. 18th Century England, the Gilded Age, etc...)
It's a very well analyzed mercantilism at best, but that quickly becomes easily critiqued by the socialist left. Because many among them will clearly see that you did not deliver what you claim to.

If you want to overcome the objections of the socialists, the only alternative that means anything is a real spontaneous order. Anarchy.


Blogger jomama said...

Damn, are you on a roll!

Then there are the 'other statists'
who think the state is there to
protect their propity(sic).


8:42 AM  
Anonymous L. Reichard White said...

Here's WHY only truly free markets can do the job.

From THE master:

.... there will enter the effects of particular information possessed by every one of the participants in the market process, a sum of facts which in their totality cannot be known to the scientific observer. It is indeed the source of the superiority of the market order, and the reason why, when it is not suppressed by the powers of government, it regularly displaces other types of order, that in the resulting allocation of resources more of the knowledge of particular facts will be utilized which exists only dispersed among uncounted persons.--F. A. Hayek, "The Pretense of Knowledge," New Studies in Philosophy, Politics, Economics, and the History of Ideas, p. 27.

8:48 AM  
Blogger Adem D. Kupi said...

Jo, thanks. Exactly.

LRW, I suppose you've noticed my Hayekian language in this post. I am really looking forward to when you finish your book. It's very interesting so far.

10:03 AM  
Anonymous L. Reichard White said...

Yes, Mr. K, I surely noticed your Hayekian flavor!

Will be following your commentary here from now on!

Thought you might find that quotation useful -- I stumbled on it awhile ago and have found it is very useful for definitively debunking most of those flimsey centralist hierarchical fantasies.

I also look forward to finishing that $*#& book! I will be going into the 6th year of largely full-time effort on it in October.

Thank goodness you find it interesting so far!!! [BIG toothy smile -- think Gary Busey]

8:41 AM  
Blogger Brewrunner said...

you've been tagged

11:36 AM  

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