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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

How intelligent people fall for political tricks

the pattern usually goes like this:
1. observation of a problem
2. one faction offers a context-free solution, usually involving totalitarian measures applied directly against the problem.
3. another faction (often those who have something to lose directly from the context-free solution) argues that the problem doesn't exist, contrary to all observation, and argues against the solution on the grounds of freedom
(thus confusing freedom with ignorance)
4. the original faction now appears to clearly be "in the right" on the issue
(thus making liberty look "in the wrong")
5. the second faction says "even if ___ exists, it's not a problem"
(thus making liberty look immoral or inconsiderate)
6. now the first faction takes the moral high ground
7. context-free, most likely totalitarian solution is imposed, creating all new problems, as engineered by those behind both factions.

This is called "the bishop's con" when performed by "private" con-men.


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Nice, Adem.

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