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Saturday, July 07, 2007

A couple of things my friends told me

My friend George once told me "The cops aren't the real cops. They're just the clean up crew. The real cops are all around you, watching you all the time." And he swung his hand around and pointed out all the people around us as we were walking through a shopping mall.
My friend Aggie recently told me "There is no government, just a bunch of guys in blue uniforms with guns who will get angry if you don't pretend there is."

There are two interlocking lies that the government relies on to remain in power. The first is the lie of "legitimacy", the lie that there are some people who have the authority to do things that everyone else can't do. This lie is referenced in the second quote. This lie runs fairly deep in the heads of the populace and it's the main one that libertarians often go after.
The second lie is that of "necessity". This lie is why we keep coming back to economic arguments, even though it's kind of a trap. Because in the minds of most people, necessity is really the only reason they maintain the lie of legitimacy in their heads, why they enforce the fake laws made by this imaginary body. Their fear of what will happen if there's no government leads them to lie to themselves and everyone else and keep pretending that the government exists as such. (People do this about other things all the time, so this isn't an unknown phenomenon here.)
If these two lies are taken away, the people who want to pretend that they are the government are merely seen as a super-mafia. And at that point the market order will displace them. As it would with all other organized crime, if it weren't for the existence of the "government" and its fake laws.

Would you rather listen to your customers or some idiots in a marble building hundreds or thousands of miles away?


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