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A Pox On All Their Houses

Friday, July 28, 2006

3 things worth linking to.

1. Billy Beck lays it down.
(though Churchill was certainly a POS, no matter whether he got this or that point right)
For people that haven't had family living under "communism", it's hard to understand probably just how fucked it was. And the "cold war" was the excuse for the West to expand state power. In truth the world elite were running Leninism over there as an experiment to see how far they could go, to establish a hard limit. (wanna draw a parallel with the US Constitution, feel free)

Though the war of 1812 really was a massive fuckup historically, to say it was a blunder is misleading. It was all part and parcel of the Hamiltonian path. Bringing us back into the fold, so to speak.

2. Jeremy at Social Memory Complex gets to some of the meat on these bones.
"However, is the market really to blame if risky, destablilizing, and hazardous behavior is subsidized from the get-go? "
One of the best sentences you could get about the "market failure" argument.
Remember, folks, markets are really good at rolling up future risks into prices. The stupid pseudo-economists have even noticed this. If this process is inhibited, well, those who are able to take advantage of the places where it is inhibited are getting a risk subsidy that is being thrown on us.
Then that gives the state an excuse to "protect" us (from the risk they subsidized).

And last, but far from least, Stefan Molyneux fires with both barrels.

"An “Arab” doesn’t exist; neither does “Israel” or “Muslim.” There are people and land and trees and sky. There are no “groups.”"
Well fucking said!
"As long as there are Arabs and Jews and Americans and Iranians, our natural brotherhood remains drowned in bloody tribal fantasies. If we refuse to give up our gods and groups and leaders, we will forever live in war and fear and hatred."
And that's it, folks. Right there.
(of course this applies to internal divisions as well... but more on that later...)

Soma is not good enough.

Good lord, people.

You have no idea what you could have been, what you could have accomplished in a free world.

You'd think it was utopia, but only because we live in dystopia right now, that is:
A world that was rationally designed to be terrible for you.

You think it's not so bad 'cause you're used to it.
That's what the people in Indonesia think too. "Oh those 18 hour days in the factory aren't so bad... it could be much worse..."

Fucking Alphas and Betas. You have no idea.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

We spin our wheels and webs.

This comes out of a comment I made on the Mutualist Blog.
Someone came right out and actually stated that profits are inherently monopolistic; which is an annoying "hidden assumption" many leftists bury in their arguments. By pre-assuming it, they therefore have framed it out of being subject to discussion, which makes it hard to argue for markets effectively. In response I said:

The truth is, profits are never self-sustaining, in a milieu of open finance. Under a "capitalist" finance system, sure, because capital funding is restricted to "proven winners" and those with connections.
But under an anarchist financial system, profit can never be more than a sporadic, unpredictable outbreak. As soon as a firm becomes profitable, people will finance competitors, reducing profits back toward the general rate of interest.
As more capital is accumulated, that general rate of interest falls near 0.

Marx saw this, but didn't quite understand it well enough to draw the right implications from it.

Which is probably because he didn't pick up on marginal utility theory. If he had, the world might be quite a different place.

TO CLARIFY: By putting "capitalist" in quotes, I meant to imply the so-called capitalist finance system we are currently living under, which is actually fascistic if anything, with chartered and regulated banking. (which creates the opportunity to expand fractional reserves without being checked by competing banks)