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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Truth and Evasion

You know, it always makes me smile crookedly, to see discussions about this particular thing or that that the government has done, when the people discussing it don't have their tongue firmly in cheek.
Ok, I know it serves a purpose as a sort of signalling, like "ok, I think we're hitting the threshold now". But does anyone in this thing of ours still deny that the end point of all this is going to be full-on totalitarianism? I mean, open up your eyes. All three if necessary.

But seriously now. To make the point clear so that you can't dodge it:
The United States is going to become a totalitarian state, sooner than anyone expected. This is not arguable. It's surely going to happen. Europe is already there, and no one sees it.
It's not going to work the same way the old school totalitarians did it, because these guys have read all those books too.

Every day will be like every other day, for everyone, everywhere. That's what they want.
That is spiritual genocide. If you're robotically acting out a script, you're not actually alive, in any human sense.
Artificial intelligence will begin in the bodies of human beings. We are the robots.

The only way out of this is to destroy the capacity of the state to function. This will also happen, and hopefully sooner than I fear. But until it does, we're on the road to serfdom, and the pedal is to the metal. So don't be surprised when they make a law saying you have to bend over and present your asshole for inspection every day. After all, it's for your own good, right?


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