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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

A new ally

"I could also point out that if libertarianism were to try to dismantle the state while selectively attacking social benefits for the poor while ignoring the structural advantages of the rich, the result would be that the working class would make one great rush for the local state socialist party's recruiting office while classical liberalism remained the party of a few intellectuals and middle-class eccentrics out of touch with social reality. I rather submit that this is what has been happening for the last 150 years or so." (emphasis mine)

- Lady Aster

Exactly! And so well put.
One interesting pattern that I bring up when speaking with state socialists of the Euro-phile variety is "liberate the worst first". Because the blindness I see in them is that they make the same mental error of the conservatives, which is the belief that the poor are actually objectively inferior to the rich. Their answer is to paternalistically care for them rather than kill them off. The libertarian rejoinder should be to liberate them first, and see what they can do for themselves. Then we'll be in a position to liberate the next stratum. Of course it would be best if we all woke up free and peaceful tomorrow, but if we have to make a trade off, let's liberate the worst first.
And more specifically, let's focus on bringing liberty to the third world, and the pockets of the third world which have blossomed in the first world. (when I heard those terms for the first time, I always wondered "what's the second world?" )
If through inflation and licensing and "petty" tyranny, the worst off among us are kept down, we'll never really be free. Unless you advocate starving them out or killing them off in wars, in which case you're an Archon and my objective enemy, plain and simple.


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