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Friday, March 17, 2006

The way Howdt

Dr Lenny at the Zone mentioned me on his blog, so I checked him out. Very nice science/natural resource stuff. He's got an interesting approach to his thought processes that I like. He goes well with To Herd or Not to Herd.

He wrote something that got me thinking about why I'm doing this. Really, what we're all trying to do here is to keep crosslinking to each other to leverage each others ideas. In this way, the more unique our particular approach becomes, we might get fewer readers, but they'll be different ones, different entry points into the crosslink network. And ideally at least some of them will become one of us. Eventually we can reach that turning point faster than you might imagine.
But either way, it provides sustenance to all the other pro-liberty activities going on. It gets people to think in new ways about their ideas and to go off in new directions hopefully.

Interestingly, Kevin Carson just posted something really good about Pharm and Patents, which I think Dr Lenny and his readers might dig.


Blogger Dr. Lenny said...

i did dug. got here from there. Part of the problem with pulling back the wizards curtain and finding a sour old man is that all the beliefs that we carry as scaffolding now have to be questioned in terms of where the embedded misstep in the logic process occur.
Patents protect corporations. I ram into the patent process after the tenure process - as a student watching others misstep. How deep do we trust our knowledge base? Does it matter? If the paradigm shift takes place, then we are on a new value for value basis anyway. We can group tribally and reinvent a few wheels until the bombing stops.

10:11 AM  

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