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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

More Poxes for everyone!

Lew Rockwell, in quotes, from his latest article, with commentary by me.

Against the Left:
"The typical response of the left is to say that they want a state that does only good things such as share and care, and not bad things such as steal and kill. But this cannot be. We might as well wish for a lion that only purrs and cuddles, or a rattlesnake that only provides percussion accompaniment to mariachi music. The very nature of the state is that it exists only through and for compulsion. To imagine otherwise is not to face reality."

And even its "sharing and caring" functions are at best iatrogenic.
Civil society could do anything the government does, if people wanted it to. But it's easier to let someone else handle it. (especially because we ourselves are under the gun, and have so little time and energy to help others with)

Against the Right:
"The question we have to ask ourselves is whether a society that fails to learn the art of civilization will erect and sustain a state that will impose civilization on the people. I submit that history also teaches that when a people are brutal and uncivilized, the state is even more so. The state is rarely and maybe never better than the people it rules; in fact, it is almost always worse."

I would add, that the state through its propaganda/mind control engines (education, PR and inflation), invariably makes the surrounding culture worse and worse, thus creating more clamor for "order" imposed from above.

The Bad News:
"Thus do we have the central bank to create money for the state. Thus do we have paper money that can be created in unlimited quantities. Thus do we have deposit insurance to make banks failure proof, so that the masses will never doubt that the credit pyramid is immortal. Thus do we have the fed's power to manipulate interest rates and control the flow of credit to the system."

The "evils of capitalism" do exist. But their source is at the root of the money/credit system itself. By definition, "capitalism" is not free trade, but a system whereby the means of production is in the hands of capitalists, or in other words, financiers. This condition can only come about through violent/fradulent intervention.
It is an unfortunate orwellianism that "capitalism" has come to mean both our capital finance system and free trade. They are not the same thing. IMO, "socialism" (in its orwellian meaning - the means of production in the hands of the state) is merely an advanced stage of "capitalism" (in its orwellian meaning). The oligopoly getting replaced by a monopoly. Ironically as this "progression" occurs, it creates a semi-cooperative society among the ruling class where they agree to share our slave labor amongst themselves.

The Good News:
"If any state could rule without propaganda, it would surely do so. Why then do states find educational control and the propagation of the civic religion in their interest? Because at some level, every state, in all times and places, is required to seek the tacit consent of those it governs. No state can control a society by use of the sword only and alone. It must also seek some degree of ideological conformity with its own goals. Otherwise its rule becomes threatened and destabilized." (italics mine)

All we really have to do is generate the understanding that the state is a form of organized crime. The rest will take care of itself, as people act spontaneously to avoid and free themselves from this uber-mafia, to the extent and by the method and form that they wish to.

PS - is anyone still reading this? Heh. I feel so Nockian lately...


Blogger Gabriel Mihalache said...

No, noone is reading your stuff because you don't like anyone. ;-)

As for you critique of capitalism...

The capitalist revolution happened during commodity-money times. Therefore we have an example of an almost-total capitalism doing very well, extremely well, without the financial system that you dislike.

As for "paper money that can be created in unlimited quantities" I hope you're not serious. The rise in monetary mass has real and serious effects. Why do you think that the EU basically gave up on monetary intervention and instead they're going for a 2-3% inflation for medium term? (4-6 months)

As for "By definition, "capitalism" is not free trade, but a system whereby the means of production is in the hands of capitalists, or in other words, financiers." I must wonder... whose definition? Karl Marx?
Capitalism means private ownership, as simple as that.
It doesn't mean that everyone will own an equal share of the world.

As for the evil cabal of "financiers"... how many americans are investors in the stock market? How many follow the stocks themselves? How many have stock options in their workplace?

Financial institutions are pressured from all sides as we all are. They are sheltered by the State in some ways but there's competition among them too.

Regarding "This condition can only come about through violent/fradulent intervention."... beyond the legal tender law and other regulations, I don't see Bil Gates coming to your house to exploit you.

As for "oligopoly", that's the natural state of any real market because you can't have an infinite number of suppliers in the real world. On the other hand Stigler's work supports the claim that if there are more than 10-12 companies, the behavior of the market is close to pure competition.

6:50 AM  
Blogger Jeremy said...

I read it and enjoyed it.

I'm intrigued by the problem we face of popularizing the criminality of the state, not to mention the practice of capitalism. There's a lot of work to be done in convincing people of the nature of the gov't, and I'm not sure where we begin.

10:11 AM  
Blogger jomama said...

I am.

Nice to be Nockian.

3:10 PM  
Blogger jomama said...

I am.

But I've posted two comments right here before and they haven't appeared.

Yesterday this comment section wasn't available.

Blogger problems.

You might want to install haloscan for comments. I've had no problem with them.

7:54 AM  
Anonymous Roderick T. Long said...

> is anyone still reading this?
> Heh. I feel so Nockian lately

I hate to make you feel less Nockian, but I'm reading this! :-)

2:45 PM  

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