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A Pox On All Their Houses

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

This is a promise and a warning.

To you, who still think of tribes and teams, leaders and followers, shepherds and sheep. Who still believe in obligations and privileges, plans and projections,
To you who are still pack animals looking for direction...
good luck.

Though you've grown wily and wise, perfecting your schemes as far as you can, you will find yourselves imprisoned, alone and afraid, in your own security systems.

And to my brothers and sisters, who are transactionalists, trans-patternists, dynamic existing beings.
To you who have learned to share that which is mutual, and let go of that which is not.

Take heart. Our time is always inevitable. Through our means itself we shall achieve our various ends.

We are the new daoists, balanced yet dynamic, we see the living dao, not as an unalterable stone sitting at the heart of it all, but a spherical river flowing in all directions at once. We are the new gnostics, who can discern the patterns of the all while sitting at our desks, or walking down the street.
We do not wish to control, direct, prohibit or contain. We wish to burgeon, and discover, grow and transact. Our defense is our skill, our security is the knowledge that we can handle the risks. We will share with all, but only that which is shared mutually, value for value. We are similar in our means, but individual in our ends.

We have no designs on your power. But if you attempt to control us, you do so at your own risk.
We are not men. We are not women. We are not geeks. We are not freaks. We are not black. We are not white. We are dynamic, existing beings, capable of surpassing any cognitive traps that would contain us.

I hereby reject out of hand all recruitment drives and guilt trips and psychological bondage routines.

We will bypass their fortresses which inevitably become prisons.
We will remix them into oblivion.

This is a promise... and a warning.