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Thursday, December 22, 2005

A dime's worth of difference?

"I'll make you a deal. Get the Democrats to oppose government policies that benefit the rich and the wealthy. We do away with all of the programs that create an uneven playing field in favor of those at the top.

Libertarians will vote for Democrats because they'd be the only party pushing for reducing the size of government. After we've done everything we agree on, we can agree to disagree and start fighting again. It's like in Europe, where two parties will form a coalition to focus on issues they agree on, and then after a few election cycles they'll start to fight again." (emphasis mine)

- Logan Ferree over at dailykos, on some diary page comments (thanks to Kevin Carson at the mutualist blog for the reference)

and yet, no one took him up on this idea and ran with it, or even criticized it, instead continuing to bash the straw-man version of libertarianism, as if they didn't read a single word of what he said. Has "Liberal Rage" set in so badly, that they've become the mirror-image of the neo-conservatives? Have we openly declared abdication of all reason?


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